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The MTN Teams Program

"Our Teams Program is dedicated to serving the program to the best capacity! Without them, the organization would not be the same!


  • Verified student that attends an HBCU or Southern School.

  • Over a 2.0 GPA 

  • Desire for mentorship

Apply for the Team Members Program for the 2024-2025 cohort below!

Program Stats

Purpose, Mission and Vision


The purpose of the MTN Teams Program is to allow college students from HBCU and Southern Schools access to professional development through working on a nonprofit spectrum and expanding their skillset and knowledge.

The vision of the MTN Teams Program is to create well-rounded students within the HBCU and Southern School communities by the time they have graduated from their respective schools.

The mission of the MTN Teams Program is to provide college students with diverse skills that they can use within their college and career journeys, while also providing opportunities for mentorship and networking.

The Events Team

The More than Numbers events team creates events (virtual and in-person) that reflect the mission of the organization by targeting topics and ideas that showcase various aspects of the program.

Skills Developed: Program Development, Event Planning, Educational Research, and Leadership Development

2023-2024 Team

Lead: Elisha Dean-Ellis (Director of Cohort Affairs)

Co-Lead: Khadirah Muhammad (Director of Programs & Outreach)

Morgan Nelson: Mississippi State University (Virtual Events)

Deja Scott: Georgia State University (In Person Events)

Matthew Tettey: Georgia State University (In Person Events)

The Media Team


The More than Numbers Media creates promotional material that goes on our social media platforms and website. MTN Media also assists in media maintenance for the organization.


Skills Developed: Media & Digital Development, Content Creation, Team Building, Organizational Branding, and Leadership Development


2023-2024 Team

Lead: Aspen Humes (Director of Community and Public Relations)

Co-Lead: Kayla Willis (Executive Director)

Jaidan Sullivan: North Carolina Agricultural & Technical University

Tykerria "Zy" Jones: Mississippi State University 

The Cohort Development Team

The More than Numbers Cohort Development Team assists with the assessment and development of the members within the MTN programs by analyzing and creating opportunities for the growth and assessment of the MTN College Prep and Reach programs. The Cohort Development team will connect with Cohort members to analyze opportunities for growth within the organization.

Skills Developed:  Recruitment, Data Entry, Organizational Development, Leadership Development 


2023-2024 Team

Lead: Kayla Willis (Executive Director)

Co-Lead: Elisha Dean-Ellis (Director of Cohort Affairs)

Taryionna Harper: Tuskegee University

Sanai Whitmore: Tennessee State University

The Outreach Team

The More than Numbers Outreach team assists with expanding community engagement within the organization and will connect with other organizations, MTN alums, parents, and community members to build support within the organization.

Skills Developed: Fundraising Strategy, Community Engagement, Organizational Development, and Leadership Development


2023-2024 Team:

Lead: Khadirah Muhammad (Director of Programs & Outreach)

Co-Lead: Aspen Humes (Director of Community & Public Relations) 

Chai Beatty: Jackson State University

Syrai Lovelace: Fisk University

Natiyah Parker: Alabama Agriculture & Mechanical University

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