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Environmental Justice

As an organization, MTN engages in environmental justice projects and programs annually. Intending to increase social & environmental equity, MTN continues to structure its environmental efforts to help increase its advocacy for important issues. 


Cultural Recognition

With keeping the spirit of our community in mind, MTN continues to recognize the unique and impactful culture of Georgia. As a result, our organization has stayed focused on uplifting the impactful culture & atmosphere we live in.


Leadership Philanthropy

A requirement for all of our directorial & leadership roles includes mandatory philanthropic responsibility through donations, volunteer, and service efforts on behalf of the organization. This allows MTN & its team to impact our ethical responsibility significantly. 


Financial Literacy

To improve financial literacy as a youth, MTN provides annual workshops to individuals who attend Southern Schools and HBCUs. This allows students to become prepared for the financial payments, efforts, and obstacles that may happen through adulthood.


Mental Health Awareness

Knowing the potential stressors of the process of matriculating to higher education, MTN continues to have mental health initiatives & programming throughout the year. This helps ensure a balance in health efforts while tackling harsh educational disparities. 


Community & Civic Responsibility

To increase social responsibility, MTN participated in various activities that reflect these efforts. This promotes unity between our community, its leaders, and our organization. 


Orgs & Efforts Impacted

  1. Atlanta Mission  

  2. Cash In - Grad Out Inc

  3. Delta Community Credit Union

  4. Fisk University's Student Government Association

  5. Fisk University's Going Against the Grain Chapter

  6. Georgia's Own Credit Union

  7. SouthEasternParks

  8. Union City 

  9. Walkerrun Outdoor

  10. 20 Pearls Foundation, Inc 


The More than Numbers Program, Inc is a nonpartisan and nongovernmental organization

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