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Organization Overview

What to expect from The More than Numbers Program, Incorporated

The More than Numbers Youth Program offers many different sources of aid for high school & college students. These opportunities help with the college application, selection, and matriculation process. This prepares them for the next step of their journey.

College Prep Program

Preparing for the Future!

The More than Numbers provides a yearly college prep program that is broken down into four phases. This program is specifically geared to assist high school seniors within the Atlanta metropolitan area with their college application, admission, and selection process. With a limit of 12 students, cohort members receive personal mentorship & aid alongside the other benefits of the organization. They are also highlighted during the MTN Annual Ceremony. 

Scholarship List

Providing Additional Funding Opportunities!

The More Than Numbers Youth Program provides scholarship lists to all cohort members. These scholarship lists provide the members with different opportunities and ways of funding their college careers. The Scholarships included are merit, need-based, or competition-based. The list is updated and sent out around the 25th of each month. High School & College students can request a scholarship list using the link below.  

Scholarships and Aid

Helping Out Where We Can!

Cohort Members are eligible to apply for The More than Numbers Annual Scholarship. In addition, The More than Numbers Youth Program offers open scholarships with specific requirements for students who are eligible. These scholarships are provided & funded by the donations given to The More than Numbers Youth Program, Incorporated throughout the cohort year.

Organizational Initiatives

Purposeful Work in Every Aspect

In addition to tackling educational disparities, The More than Numbers Youth Program focuses on 6 unique initiatives. The initiatives: environmental injustice, financial literacy, cultural recognition, mental health awareness, directorial & leadership philanthropy, and community & civic responsibility, allow the organization to continue to have direction, innovation, adaption to change, and engage with our community, company, and nonprofit family.  

Focused Seminars & Monthly Events

Keeping You Engaged!

The More than Numbers Youth Program provides events & seminars centered around the process of applying, deciding, and attending college. In addition to the monthly events, cohort members have a chance to get to know one another,  team members, and the executive board though our bonding days. We hold events such as Game Nights, Cohort Talk, Meet the team, and much more. Any student, college or high school, can attend out public events & seminars. 

Team Members Program

Impacting After High School!

The More than Numbers Team Members program is crated to help students gain leadership & professional development skills by working directly with The More than Numbers Organization. This program is comprised of 8-12 college students that attend Southern Schools and/or HBCUs. They are put into our MTN Teams: Media (over content and organizational materials), Outreach (over our business support and partners), Events (over curating our in person and virtual events), and Cohort Development (over our all current and former program members). More info can be found below!

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